3 Facts About SBLI Life Insurance

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Life insurance is a must-have for any adult. It protects your family and allows you to leave them a non-taxable amount of money in the event of your passing. With quality life insurance coverage, your family can cover funeral expenses with ease, pay off leftover personal debt like mortgages, and more. In addition, if you have dependents that depend on your income, a life insurance policy can help them until they find a new source of income. Not to mention, if you don’t have any assets to pass down to your children, a life insurance policy can give you the means to leave an inheritance. Life insurance affords many benefits to many different people, and it’s always something worth looking into.

There are many life insurance companies to choose from out there. However, let’s take a closer look at one, in particular, SBLI Life Insurance. SBLI is a unique type of life insurance provider that was founded in 1907.

1. SBLI is a private insurance company that only works with life insurance.

This insurance provider is not publicly traded. As a result, SBLI doesn’t have shareholders to answer to. Many publicly traded companies listen to their stockholders above all else, which can be detrimental to the customer in some cases. However, SBLI’s primary focus is the customer, meaning they listen to your needs and take them into consideration as a company.

Not to mention, they only work with life insurance. A lot of insurance providers offer auto insurance, home insurance, and more in addition to life insurance. Many people may consider that a convenience. However, when a company only focuses on one product or service, they can work to make that service as helpful and valuable as possible, as is the case with this company.

2. SBLI provides tailored life insurance coverage.


Many providers offer the same coverage options for every client in the life insurance industry. While that may work for many people, it doesn’t always mean it’s the best solution. This company offers coverage options that are tailored to you. No two insurance policies are precisely the same with this company. When you work with this company, you’ll meet with an insurance professional who will walk you through all of their options. Together, you’ll come up with a plan that uniquely suits you, your family, and your budget.

3. SBLI was founded in 1907 on the basis of providing life insurance that’s accessible to as many people as possible.

This company was created in 1907 by Louis Brandeis as an insurance provider designed to help everyone, regardless of income. For many years, life insurance was considered a commodity that was only available for wealthier people. However, this is one of the companies that disagree with that concept. So, they created a company that can offer quality life insurance coverage to people from all walks of life. The accessibility they seek to provide is why they offer the tailored coverage options we mentioned above. In addition, their policies are available in various price ranges to accommodate as many people as possible.

You can get a free quote for SBLI through SelectQuote.


SelectQuote works with various types of life insurance companies to find a policy that works for you. They can show you SBLI’s ratings, answer frequently asked questions about the company, and get you a free quote. Whether you want term life insurance or permanent life insurance, these companies can help. So, remember, whether you’re looking for a way to help your dependents, leave an inheritance, cover funeral and tax expenses, or even make a charitable donation upon your death, it’s the perfect way to meet all of these needs.


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