How To Live With a Partner Who Does Not Like Vaping

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Living with your partner gives you the chance to see everything you love and dislike about each other on a regular basis. For smokers and vapers, their hobby is often the dividing line in their relationships.

If you enjoy a cannabis oil vape cartridge from time to time, we’re on your side. We want you to enjoy your hobby and your relationship, and we’re here to help. Continue reading to get some tips that will help you live joyfully with someone who doesn’t like vaping.

Get relationship counseling.


Of course, you don’t want to lose your relationship over vaping. However, if your hobby seems to be causing serious division between you and your partner, there could be issues larger than you just enjoying the occasional THC cartridge.

The last thing you want is to be trying to find the best divorce lawyers San Diego has to offer merely because you and your partner failed to get the necessary counseling. In fact, a good divorce attorney will probably suggest marriage counseling before you decide to pack it in. If you love your partner and value your relationship, you owe it to yourself to see what issues other than your hobby are driving a wedge between you. But if divorce seems to be the answer, seek experts like the divorce attorneys at Minella Law Group who can help you.

Change the type of oil you use.

It’s usually the aroma of the smoke or oil that non-smokers and non-vapers don’t like. One way to mitigate the odor from vaping is to change the type of oil you use. By switching your THC cartridge to a strain with few terpenes, you can reduce the odor it produces. Indeed, concentrates with fewer terpenes aren’t as aromatic. They might have a lower potency and less flavor than you’re used to, but you won’t have to worry about the smell of your THC oil taking over your home.

Vape outside or in a designated area indoors.


The best way to work around your partner’s dislike of vaping is to step outside when you want to take a puff. Of course, one of the benefits of a vape pen over smoking is that it doesn’t produce as much harm from secondhand smoke, but you can eliminate all worries about secondhand smoke by stepping out for a toke.

Understandably, the elements outside can be too much at times. That’s why it’s also a good idea to choose a designated room in the house for vaping. The best room is one that your partner never or rarely enters. You could even consider building a shed in your backyard where you can make your man cave or lady’s lair.

Switch to a smaller vape pen.

Another great way to reduce the amount of vapor you produce is to switch to a smaller vape pen. The Monarch is a great example of a THC vape cart and pen that’s small, discreet, and produces small, light plumes of vapor.


Relationships are difficult, so if vaping is the biggest problem between you and your spouse, you’re winning. They might not like the fact that you occasionally enjoy a cartridge of high-quality CBD or THC extracts, but you should be able to find some middle ground that respects their wishes and your hobby.

One of the best ways to avoid confrontations over your vaping is to step outside when you want to take a puff. You can also switch to a smaller vape pen, as it won’t produce as much vapor as larger ones. In addition to changing your vape pen and cartridge, you can also change the type of oil you use. And, if your hobby is causing serious problems in your relationship, you should consider counseling. With these tips for living with a partner who doesn’t like vaping, you can have your ice cream cake and puff it, too.


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