Many of us are thinking more about self-care lately. Given the ongoing public health emergency caused by COVID-19, it would be more surprising if you weren’t wondering if you could be taking better care of yourself. Finding the right products and habits that keep you looking and feeling your best can be tough, particularly for anyone who cares about sticking to all-natural methods. Fortunately, there are a number of trusted brands and resources available both on and offline that can help. If you’re looking for ways to take care of yourself, read on for three types of all-natural self-care you should try out.

1. Try plant-based beauty products.


One brand that consumers love is Fifth & Root. It’s a vegan skincare company that is focused on bringing plant-based beauty products to everyone. They’re committed to using organic ingredients, which is another reason the brand is so popular. Anyone who cares about buying cruelty-free can also shop with confidence since their line doesn’t use animal ingredients and they take the time to ensure their manufacturing process is as safe and free from animal cruelty as possible.

Many of their products also incorporate CBD, which has become one of the most popular ingredients in the wellness industry. CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. By incorporating CBD and specific terpenes into their products, their beauty products enable you to take advantage of their relaxing effects.

2. Rethink your diet.


You shouldn’t focus on weight loss when designing a meal plan for yourself. Think about what vitamins and nutrients your body needs and think about ways you can make sure you’re getting them. You can find all kinds of creative ways to incorporate healthy, natural, and organic ingredients into delicious meals that you’ll enjoy eating. There is even research that suggests that the way we eat can play a significant role in our mental wellness. From both a physical and mental health perspective, it’s essential to give your body the nutrition it needs.

3. Consider talk therapy.


Any holistic self-care routine has to include taking care of your mental health. Talk therapy is a great outlet for many people, and it doesn’t require anything other than a willingness to be open and give the experience a chance. If you can’t find a therapist in your area, you can even look for teletherapy or chat-based options online. Many insurance plans allow you to seek outpatient mental health services for a co-pay even if you haven’t met your deductible yet. Those without insurance should look for therapists who offer reduced cost or sliding scale payments.

Even if you don’t suffer from a specific mental health condition, it can be valuable to have someone to talk to who can provide advice or an objective perspective on your experiences and feelings. Having a place to vent can do wonders for your mental health and help to bring down your stress levels. There aren’t many downsides to giving talk therapy a chance.

There are a lot of different ways to approach self-care, but a holistic routine should include making intentional choices about everything from what you eat to which beauty products you use. All-natural products are easy to find, though you should make sure you’re using a brand that you can trust. If you’ve never used cannabis products before, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about how CBD can impact health conditions you have or interact with medications you’re currently taking. In general, it’s always best to work with a health care professional if you want to create a health and wellness routine that addresses your unique, individual needs. No matter what steps you decide to take, investing in self-care is always worthwhile.


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