3 Ways To Make Your Office Space More Comfortable for Employees

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As 2021 comes to a close, millions of former work-from-home professionals are hopping back in an automobile, catching the train, or once again taking their morning strolls to their places of work. For some, this is a welcome change to slouching on their couch as their roommate practices their newfound desire to become Dave Grohl by slamming away at their grandmother’s drumset from the ’50s (it’s actually deafening). So when your boss emailed you that next Monday you would be returning to the office, you nearly jumped off of the couch in excitement so abruptly that your “COVID dog” launched up from her nap in shock! Yet, as quickly as the happiness came, the dread that ensued arrived even quicker. Back to the office meant … Back. To. The. Office. And no, not “The Office” that everyone is furious Netflix removed months ago. The office, as in the dark, musty, cringy office. Cue the tears.

Looking to increase workplace happiness?

But, going back to your place of work may not actually be as bad as you think! Harvard Business Review gives us some insight as to why we might want to go back to the office; maybe this article can convince your roommate to go back to work and drop the drumsticks!

The Texas sun is beaming down into your office on your first day back. You notice a small bead of sweat dripping from your brow as you make eye contact with your employees as they make their way to their desks for the first time in what feels like centuries. One of your accountants makes pleading eyes with you as her desk sits directly in the sun, the visible light from the UV rays beaming down on her. You know you need to do everything in your power to make this transition happy and seamless for everyone, so you decide to open the floor to opinions. Cue the dreaded suggestion box!

Discover the main complaints.

As a business owner, you should allow your employees to be completely honest about what it is they’re wanting to see improved. The room temperature is often one of the biggest complaints for employees. This is when an air conditioning service comes to save the day! Air conditioning masters Too Breezy offer years of experience and a free estimate to help skyrocket your office morale, leaving you looking like a recognized leader for actually listening to the needs of your employees! (Bonus points for energy efficiency!)

Commandeering the weather like Al Roker will gain you major awesome-boss points, but don’t forget to offer necessary UV protection to your staff. Quality window tint is an absolute necessity to encourage your team to do a great job at work while offering excellent sun control and glare control. You’re the boss, right? Your team needs a tint in their windows! Rather than searching endlessly for a window film contractor, simply search “window tinting in Dallas, Texas” and you’ll happily discover that Amersol can offer you excellent customer service while controlling the amount of heat that is emitted into your workspace. And they don’t stop at just tinting your office space: They have an option for all of your window film needs!

Homeowners and even taxi and limousine drivers can find excellent use in window tinting to prevent excess UV light from radiating into their homes, cars, and the new corner office they’ve been promoted to after working all those long hours at Starbucks trying to hide from their drumming-obsessed roommate … actually, he’s gotten pretty good. Maybe it’s time to start up a new hobby, too? Time to google “piano lessons in Fort Worth.”


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