5 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate

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Graduating is an exciting time as students get to enter a new world with hope, big dreams, and a whole lot of knowledge at their disposal. However, these are also difficult waters to navigate with student loan debt kicking in, uncertainty, and saying goodbye to some of the most influential people you’ve likely ever met. Graduates should embrace the change and do these five things before walking across the big stage.

Take A Fun Class Just For You

Many majors are mapped out for students and they consist of courses and electives that are relatable to the major in question. There’s typically wiggle room, though, and we encourage college students to take advantage by enrolling in a practical class and fun elective.

An example of a practical class is a course on writing, finance, business, or another topic that teaches relevant and real-life knowledge for the working world. Typically, this type of class is relevant to all individuals, such as budgeting your money.

We understand a practical class might not be as interesting as other electives, which is why we also encourage college students to take a fun elective before graduating. This class is based on the student. Ideas include dancing, psychology, cinema, history of rock and roll, and photography. 

Get Health Insurance

Finding affordable health insurance for college students is essential, especially if you’re on a university plan or are no longer on your parents’ plan. Recent college grads struggle to find health insurance because monthly premiums and/or deductibles are too high and finding the right provider can be tricky as there are many to choose from.

Health insurance is important in case of an accident, if you need a prescription, if you have an on-going issue, for peace of mind, etc. College students are used to taking care of business in and outside of the classroom, and finding health insurance is a task that needs to be done.

 Find An Internship

Some majors and universities require students to take an internship before graduating. Whether the case, an internship can teach you practical skills and give you a taste of what your future job might look like. A job in your field does the same and also leads to more money in your pocket.

Everyone’s path is different, but finding an internship or job before you graduate can relieve stress, pressure, and make your parents/family happy. Applying to jobs while you’re still in school can also show initiative and impress future employers.

Make Connections

Making connections is part of the college experience. You’re going to meet people in the dorms, at social events, in classes, et cetera. However, it’s important to try to make connections that can provide value. Attend career fairs. Go to office hours to get better acquainted with your professors. If possible, meet people with different majors than you (you never know who you’re going to start a business with). Receive recommendation letters from professors and faculty members you created a bond with.

College is the ideal time to discover who you are and what you want to be. These four years provide the perfect opportunity to make connections with people who can change your life and vice versa.

Travel Literally Anywhere

College students don’t always have the most money because they’re investing in their future via education, but they tend to have free time and minimal commitments. That’s why all students should travel literally anywhere before they graduate.

You don’t have to study abroad to travel, although you can. You can travel to a nearby town or city and have an adventure of a lifetime. As an example, if you live near Georgia, then we recommend students to check out the History Has a Name series to see how Henry County was shaped and to learn the stories behind the attractions.

Life gets busy after you leave college. Trading in your cap and gown for a suit and tie or other business attire is exciting, but take advantage of the moments and time left before you walk the stage and receive your much-earned diploma.


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