5 Tips to Help You Regain Your Confidence After a Bad Breakup

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Breakups are one of the most stressful things people face in life. In romantic relationships, people tend to bring out either the best or worst in each other. However, even the most toxic ties can be hard to break. It’s taxing on your mind to put so much time and effort into something only to watch it crumble.

According to doctors and psychologists, the illness known as broken heart syndrome is very real. The agony of separating from a significant other can cause physical pain, mental health issues, and even skin problems. If you’ve recently gotten out of a serious relationship and are looking for a way to bounce back from it, continue reading to get some tips to help you.

Pay attention to your emotional state

It’s quite natural to feel anger or sadness after a breakup — according to some psychologists, those feelings are not only common but healthy as well. Aside from sadness or anger, you may experience insomnia, loss of appetite, crying spells, and loss of interest in activities. All of these feelings come with acknowledging and processing the end of a relationship.


If you’re suffering from feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness on a daily basis, sleeping too little or too much, and losing weight, these could be signs of clinical depression. As a result of depression, you may also find it difficult to focus on simple tasks, makes decisions, interact with loved ones, and engage in activities that you normally enjoy.

If these emotions go unchecked, they can lead to related disorders such as bipolar disorder and substance abuse. Monitor emotions and take your mental health seriously.

Seek help if you need it

Clinical depression is one of the most serious mental health issues people face, and you should never try to fight it alone. Sometimes when grief is too much to bear, the best thing you can do is talk to a professional counselor.

If you’re dealing with seemingly insurmountable sorrow and thoughts of self-harm, then you should find a therapist who specializes in grief or relationship counseling. Talking through your thoughts and emotions with a psychologist can help you to identify deeply rooted issues that may be intensifying your grief. A licensed therapist can also help you to come up with strategies to help you cope with stress and depression in the future.

Cut yourself off from negative influences

One thing about ending a love affair is that it leaves you with a lot of time for reflection. Use this time to weigh the positive effects against the negative ones of your other relationships as well. Change your mobile number and only give it out to people who will be a positive influence in your life as you navigate through your new reality.

Now is the time to be honest about which friends are good for and which ones aren’t. Put yourself first and bring an end to any other toxic relationships in your life.

Surround yourself with people who love and support you

One of the common feelings that people deal with after a breakup is unworthiness. It’s as if your mind is saying to you, “If your ex didn’t want you, then who else will?”

The best way to get over the notion that you’re unworthy of love is to spend time with people who love you just the way you are. Surround yourself with people who will help you to remember why you’re a valuable and loveable person.

Get your groove back

Relationship problems can hurt your confidence in yourself because many people view their breakup as “social failure.”

One of the best things you can do to regain your self-esteem is to get your groove back.


There’s nothing like a makeover and a night on the town to help you feel like yourself again. Have your friends come over and help you to get ready to go from wham to glam. Slip into your favorite dress, get your hair and makeup done, throw on your mink lashes, and go out with your besties and turn heads. Go ahead and unwind, you deserve it!

Remember, it’s normal to grieve the end of a romantic tie, but there are healthy and unhealthy ways to do it. If you’re dealing with thoughts of suicide or self-harm, then be sure to speak with a licensed therapist or psychologist. Also, cut off the negative people in your life, bring the positive ones closer, and don’t forget to allow yourself to have a good time.


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