Have you ever found yourself amidst a conversation that you don’t fully understand? Don’t worry, we all have. Discussions surrounding strip clubs are no exception. There are tons of slang words used to describe the various types of clubs, bars, and dancers. Without a fundamental knowledge of this slang, you might be lost in translation! Use the glossary below to get yourself educated in the world of adult entertainment.

Bikini Bar

Bikini bars refer to strip clubs in which the dancers do not get fully nude. They do perform stripteases, but their genital areas and nipples remain covered. These types of clubs and dancers are also sometimes referred to as “go-go.”


A bouncer is a slang term for the security guard who stands outside a club or bar door. They typically check IDs or collect cover charges from patrons entering the establishment.

Cover Charge

Cover charge refers to the fee you might be subjected to upon entering a bar or club. These fees are typically collected at the door before you enter.

Champagne Room

A champagne room is another term for the VIP room or private section of a strip club. They were named after the copious amount of champagne that is often offered to private dance patrons.


A dancer is another name for the strippers who perform on stage in strip clubs. They are also referred to as exotic dancers and adult entertainers.

Gentlemen’s Club

Gentlemen’s clubs are typically high-end strip clubs that offer luxury services like bottle service or private tables.

Main Stage

The main stage in a strip club refers to the most prominent or most eye-catching set in the venue.

Lap Dance

As the name suggests, lap dances occur when a performer dances on a person’s lap. These can be done in the strip club itself or may be moved to a private room, like the champagne room mentioned above.

Nudie Bar

Nude bars and clubs allow the dancers to get completely naked by the end of their routine. Many jurisdictions do not allow full nudity.

Private Dance

A private dance is a one-on-one interaction with a dancer at a strip club. They take place in secluded and usually darkened areas of the club.

Peep Shows

A peep show is an older term that refers to pornographic images, pictures, or live acts that can be viewed through a slot or box.

Red-Light District

A red-light district is a part of town, typically in an urban area, where a concentration of strip clubs, sex work, and other sex-oriented business takes place. Recently, it has also doubled as a term for sexually explicit online locations.

Strip Show

A strip show is a routine that a dancer performs on stage in a strip club. Part of the act is the removal of their clothing.

Table Dance

A table dance is exactly what it sounds like: a striptease or dance that takes place on top of a table.

Titty Club

The slang term titty club is often used interchangeably with titty bar and topless club. It refers to establishments that permit the dancers to remove everything except their lower private part coverings.

Although this list doesn’t cover everything, it should be enough to give you a general understanding of adult entertainment. If you have never attended a strip club and you are about to for the first time, make sure you familiarize yourself with their general guidelines. This practice can help everyone, including the dancers, relax and have fun in a safe and comfortable space. For example, most strip clubs do not allow you to touch the dancers. Aside from rules and regulations, it is always important to obtain consent before physically engaging with another person, no matter the context or location.


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