Being The Modern Dad: Products And Accessories That’ll Make Grandpa Jealous

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If you’re a father, you know first hand just how difficult it can be at times. However, you don’t have to do it alone. For one, you may have a respectful and supportive partner to help with some of the lest savory parts of parenthood. In addition to the invaluable support of your better half, you can also pick up some products that will make fatherhood easier and much more glamorous. These items will have your dad wondering if he was ever as cool a father as you are. Looking to level up your dad’s power? Here are some products and accessories that will make Grandpa jealous, and make your life much smoother.

Clothes make the dad.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Clothes make the man.” Well, you’re more than a man now, you’re a dad. So up your wardrobe game with some new threads fit for the best dad around. You’ll look especially impressive if you even invest a little extra in a comfy, day off clothing. Shop somewhere known for quality, simplicity, and laidback style, like California Classics. Pick up a pair of joggers that cater to the active parent who can go from gym to toddler playdate in a cinch. Grandpas and dads alike will be aghast and, most importantly, envious of your chic leisure style.

A sleep-boosting device for your child.

All parents know the nightmare that bedtime can be, especially if you have a particularly fussy bundle of joy on your hands. If you have the extra cash, spring for a device that helps soothe your baby to sleep with melatonin-producing red light therapy. This can drastically reduce the number of times you or your spouse are getting up in the middle of the night to rock, coo at, or bounce your child. Your baby will thank you for the extra z’s, and so will your partner.

Get the best stroller around.

One of the quintessential dad accessories has got to be a high-quality stroller or double stroller, depending on how many kiddos you have. Make sure you do adequate research here, as each parents’ needs are different, and strollers are things you definitely want to invest in properly. Read BOB Stroller comparison reviews to help you decided on which type of stroller is best for you and your child. For instance, you may need a stroller that can handle both hardwood floors and rough terrain. Or, maybe you’re just looking for a great everyday stroller that will be durable and stand up to the challenges of your day to day routine. Whatever your needs are, it’s a good idea to do adequate research before you buy.

Sport a diaper bag that is manly and functional.

It’s not uncool to be prepared, and it’s not unmanly to care about your kid. That being said, many diaper bags are definitely girly in their design. Having a sleek, masculine diaper bag gives you just a little more confidence as you take your little one out for a day on the town. Go for a satchel in leather or faux leather for a professional, this-is-not-a-diaper-bag diaper bag look. Bonus points if you can tuck in your work laptop or a daily planner too.

Get comfortable and stylish shoes.

Being a father may pull at your heartstrings all day, but don’t underestimate the amount of physical labor and exertion that accompanies that emotional labor. Get a pair of nice, durable, comfortable shoes that fit your style and won’t give you calluses after a full day of fathering. From the daycare pickup line to the grocery store for a little late night strained peas, a solid pair of sneakers or loafers will take you far — literally.


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