DIY Home Repairs vs. the Repairs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

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As homeowners, we will do whatever we can to keep our household in the best condition possible. However, little things pop up that can impact that goal, from broken appliances to roofing issues. While there are certain repairs that we can make our little DIY project, other home improvement ventures should be handed over to the professionals. Be sure to consider your skillset and the severity of the issue before going it alone. Here are a few home repairs you can weigh the pros and cons with for a DIY venture.



There is much you can do to boost the curb appeal of your home, with some future projects like landscaping and painting that could be in the realm of what you can handle. If you’re worried about having your doors and windows installed securely, you’ll want to install a surface mount door position switch. These switches are available for access for any door throughout your house, primarily your front and back, to make sure that a secure frame is in place for better peace of mind when you lock the door at night.

Aluminum, wood and hollow metal doors can utilize a position switch as a secure latch that can screw right in, making for an easy do-it-yourself project. You can even use magnetic locks to safely latch doors that have access from the outdoor to the master suite or garage. However, other outdoor projects should be deferred to contractors, such as roofing repair or attaching an addition to a home. Anything that would require a job site is a green light to hire a great company to take over a remodeling project or significant fix.



When it comes to making repairs in your bathroom, you’ll want to consider what exactly you’re trying to get down. If you’re looking to install a new shower, toilet, or bathtub, you may want to bring in the pros. Googling something as simple as “bathroom remodelers in Milwaukee” can put you in touch with qualified professionals that tackle significant plumbing repairs and the installation of everything from new vanities to new fixtures.

While professional remodelers can bring you the bathroom of your dreams, there are some tasks that you can handle to keep it from becoming a nightmare. Some issues with your fixtures, like water pressure from your showerhead, can fall to you, as well as a clog in the toilet or replacing lighting and installing shelving.



When it comes to fixing appliances in your kitchen, you can take care of things like your microwave and refrigerator, but for easy installation of a gas stove, you’re better off trusting the pros. After all, a faulty gas line can be dangerous for your home. This also emphasizes the importance of a carbon monoxide detector. You may also want to defer to the pros for a remodel if you’re looking to get more complex countertops or cabinetry in your kitchen, especially if you’re working in an enclosed space with little room for error in installation.



There is definitely more within the DIY realm when it comes to home repairs in the bedroom. Whether it’s repairing castors on the mattress or making fixes to other furniture, the repairs in the secure space will fall to you. You may feel apt to try and handle fixtures like lighting to add a more intimate touch. If you doubt your abilities, a handyman can help get the lamps and overhead lights set, so it exploits a more romantic atmosphere. If you need a ramped surface for a handicapable person, you may want to turn to the pros, but you could actually build one yourself. Remember, before any project, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of doing it with your own two hands.


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