How to Prioritize Home Improvements

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At some point, nearly all homeowners consider their own remodeling project. In older homes, there may already be key areas in need of some home improvement. When it comes to new homes, there are numerous opportunities for custom work prior to moving day. In fact, by listing a few remodeling concepts into a relocation checklist, many of the most nerve-wracking tasks facing the moving family can become easier.

If you’re one of the many homeowners considering some home improvements of your own, it’s important to consider the most important changes you’re looking to make. For both less stress and less expense, prioritizing your remodeling needs is a good idea. Here, we will look at a few easy ways to prioritize your home improvements, including the before and after responsibilities that can make the entire process less stressful for you and your family.

Pre-Moving Day Priorities


Nearly any major relocation requires the assistance of a moving company. Not only do professional movers take care of the security and safety of your family’s belongings, but they can also do a great job in ensuring that all other tasks remain on schedule. However, many people don’t realize that enlisting professional movers can also be an asset to home improvement projects. In fact, according to the experts at the Arizona-based Muscular Moving Men, a company comprised of Scottsdale movers with years of experience in the AZ area, homeowners can benefit tremendously by making movers part of the remodeling team.

For example, a homeowner can coordinate their own moving day with renovations of their existing residence. This may include new “curb appeal” remodel additions for future owners, or necessary alternations to meet with zoning code standards. Additionally, the best movers will offer packing services along with the relocation package at an affordable rate, providing the family time needed to keep their belongings organized and packed while new renovations are still being conducted at their new house.

Renovations for Efficiency and Convenience


Ideally, the best home improvement projects combine a number of elements to the finished product. A fresh, new style to the existing structure is as important as the added conveniences that come with the additions. Additionally, most people will keep increased property value in mind. Of equal importance, however, is keeping a keen eye on energy efficiency. Most modern homeowners have adapted to the trend of stylish, yet environmentally-conscious appliances and fixtures within their entire home, and with good reason. Not only does installing energy-saving equipment decrease the home’s overall carbon footprint and offer certain tax credits, but monthly utility bills are almost immediately lowered. If you’re considering going “green” in your home as part of a renovation, a good idea is, to begin with, the two rooms most commonly chosen for home improvement: the kitchen and master bathroom.

Second only to the kitchen in daily foot traffic and water consumption is the home’s bathroom, making it ideal for renovation. In fact, a bathroom remodel is an incredibly popular choice for home improvement projects. According to Statewide Remodeling, a Midland bathroom remodel company based in Houston, Texas, not only are bathroom remodel projects high on the list of homeowner priorities, but energy-efficient sinks, tubs, and custom showers are now common requests. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, be sure to make your home’s plumbing the first order of business, as a remodeled bathroom can easily hide deeper problems within a household’s infrastructure. While looking for both plumbers and bathroom renovators, always inquire about a free estimate that includes your highest-level concerns, as well as your budget. Everyone deserves their own “dream home,” but getting the best value on style, luxury, and safety can also provide the needed peace of mind!

With a kitchen remodel, you have many options for new cabinets and additions, such as decorative backsplashes, stand-alone island installation or removal, and even an entirely new color scheme or style. If you choose a kitchen remodel as your first major project, consider a minimalist, monochromatic motif. Not only is this particularly popular with today’s potential homebuyers, but the timeless look of solid colors can blend organically with any energy-efficient appliances on the market. New refrigerators, dishwashers, and even faucet fixtures designed for water conservation tend to come with a sleek, modern look, which is ideal for today’s modern kitchen.


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