Job Search Tips for Laid-Off Senior Leaders

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Job hunting isn’t much funespecially when you’ve been laid off. It’s a nerve-racking process that’s ever-evolving. Gone are the days of yore when you could walk into a business and start working on the spot. 

Today’s job market is ultra-competitive. Administrative roles don’t open up often, and the competition for them is much stiffer than for entry-level and labor-intensive jobs. The thing to remember is that as a senior leader, the right job is looking for you. Continue reading to learn how to get your career back on its path of ascension.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

You climbed to the top of your organization by displaying a penchant for leadership and problem-solving. Corporations are seeking people with your skills and drive. That’s rightthey’re looking for you!

If you comb through job search websites, then what you will find is a scarcity of postings for senior leaders. That’s because when companies want to hire an executive, rather than list an opening, they do the hunting. 

Executive retained search firms scour the Internet looking for candidates who can lead a company to the next level. While you’re on the hunt for your next position, you’re being hunted as well. You need to be where recruiters are looking for candidates with your skills and expertise: social media.

Familiarize yourself with Linkedin—if you aren’t alreadyand get engaged. Talk shop with others on the site who are in the same career field as you. Offer solutions and advice when the opportunity arises. Rub elbows and create bonds with other professionals. 

Facebook and Twitter give you the opportunity to inform people who are interested in your field but not involved in it. Recruiters who view your social media profiles will notice your knowledge ofand enthusiasm foryour industry and be impressed. 

Leave A Positive Online Footprint

The fact that you’ve held a position as a senior leader means that you’re knowledgeable about your industry. You have valuable insight that people would love to be able to tap into. Google loves content creators who can break down complex concepts into morsels that a layman can understand. 

The Internet is the information superhighway because experts like yourself who share their insights on it. Consistently creating content establishes you as an authoritative voice and leader in your field.

Also, be mindful of your online reputation. Google yourself and see what the search query delivers. If the results are unflattering, then you need to work on changing the public’s perception of you. You need to manage your online reputation.

Go through the proper channels to remove any untrue negative content about you. Make positive headlines by lending your time and expertise to causes that improve the lives of others. 

A great way to manage your online reputation is to build your own website. Hire someone to help you or get into a web design program to learn how if you’re not web-design savvy.

With your site, you’ll be able to paint a more complete picture of yourself for recruiters. You’ll be in control of your online narrative. Always remember, a good reputation is more precious than gold.

Stay Engaged

Getting laid off can be terrifying and even depressing. Whatever you do, don’t withdraw. Now is when you need family, friends, and activity more than ever. 

The most valuable resource that you haveother than your own witsis the people you know. Layoffs happen in roundsthey rarely target single individuals. That means many of your colleagues are looking for work as well. This is the time to draw close to them rather than pull away. 

Get together with them for small outingsor inningsand keep each other abreast of happenings and job opportunities. Staying in contact with colleagues also gives you a support group that understands what you’re going through. 

While you’re between jobs, see it as an opportunity to enhance your self-care. Exercise your mind and body with exercise and meditation. Take a trip if your budget will allow. Spend more time with your loved ones. Do whatever it takes to maintain a sense of peace. And remember, the workforce is always looking for leaders like you!


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