What to Do If You Get in an Accident

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Did you know that more than 100 people die per day due to an auto-related crash in the United States? The road can be a scary place and if you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries due to a car accident, then you may need a personal injury law firm that will help you cover your medical bills and property damage. But what kind of injuries do the best lawyers cover, and what should you do if you are in a motor vehicle accident? Let’s dive deeper to find out.

Types of Cases


In most cases, a personal injury legal team will cover a wide variety of civil and commercial vehicle accidents. The most common kinds of cases include (but are not limited to): commercial vehicle cases, motorcycle cases, passenger vehicle cases, and commercial truck cases. Each of these cases comes with a very specific set of state regulations, traffic laws, and stipulations from the federal motor carrier safety administration.

Semi-tuck accident cases are some of the most complex and specific to deal with. According to a semi truck accident lawyer: “Without the right knowledge, truck accident victims often lose out on compensation and suffer severe injuries.” This is because large commercial truck companies often move quickly to protect themselves after a crash, even if they were the cause of the accident. So if you have been the victim of a semi-truck accident make sure you find an experienced truck accident lawyer who can take the appropriate legal action.

What to Do if You Get Into an Accident


Remember: the claims process begins as soon as the accident occurs. If you find yourself in an accident take a deep breath, take a moment to readjust, and then remember these three things. First off, never admit fault or having any hand in the accident. If a representative or lawyer from the trucking company tries to pressure you into admitting fault, just stay quiet and wait for your lawyer to handle it.

Next, make sure that you get a police report of the accident—this can be a crucial piece of evidence that will help you while making a claim. Do not leave the site of the accident until you have a police report. Lastly, make sure to take down the contact information of the other drivers and any witnesses. Witnesses can be a key deciding factor in determining the cause of the accident while in court.

What to Do When You Get Home


It’s very important that you follow the proper procedure if you find yourself in an accident to help provide evidence for a thorough investigation.

Go to the doctor.

The most important and first step is to see a doctor. Even if you do not have obvious symptoms you could have suffered a traumatic brain injury if you were in a serious accident. Going to the doctor will give you further evidence to help strengthen your case and more importantly, it will help keep you alive. If health insurance is something you’re concerned about, Health Quote Gurus is a source that offers private and group insurances plans online that you can browse until you find one best suited for you. It’s incredibly important to be on a good health insurance plan before seeing a doctor and getting care — otherwise, you may find yourself in financial trouble if you end up paying out of pocket.

Document the damage.

In order to ensure that you get all the compensation that you deserve, it is of paramount importance that you document all damage suffered to both you and your vehicle. Make sure you keep a record of all receipts from the doctor and all correspondences between you and anyone else involved in the accident. It would also be a good idea to take photos.

Get support.

Reach out to friends and family if you are injured and need assistance with your everyday life, or if you just want to talk about any trauma you’ve endured. Car accidents can be life-altering so if you are struggling physically or emotionally, it couldn’t hurt to get the support you need to move on.


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