Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Vacation Home?

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If you have a little extra money and love getting away, it might be the right time to buy a vacation home. Having a vacation home gives you a place to retreat when life gets a little too stressful, but picking the perfect location for your house is important. You want to find a place that speaks to you and matches your budget. If you’re looking for an amazing vacation home, here are a few locations to consider.


If you currently live in a busy city, the idea of cabins for sale in Virginia might really appeal to you. Mountain life is a great way to de-stress and enjoy yourself. You’ll appreciate the slower pace of life in rural Virginia and you’ll have time to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. You can check out the Appalachian Mountains and the incredible small towns this state has to offer. Live near Roanoke, VA, and you’ll have access to a thriving downtown scene while still being able to get away from it all. The Blue Ridge Parkway offers a gorgeous view while driving or biking. You’ll never run out of things to do and see when you establish your second home in beautiful Virginia, and the real estate market offers homes on plenty of acres for an affordable price.


California is a popular place to live, probably because of its great weather, fair income, and education, and employment opportunities. If you’re just looking for a vacation home, the weather will probably be the biggest selling point. On average, the temperature in Cali is 59 degrees and it’s the 13th warmest state in the country. Los Angeles averages 284 sunny days a year and 0 days of snow. If you’re used to the snowstorms in Buffalo, NY, LA might be very appealing. A vacation home in California gives you a warm and sunny place to retreat when you’re feeling stressed, and if you only head there in the summer, you’ll have no trouble renting out the house for the rest of the year.


Similarly to California, the great weather in Florida brings in visitors. If you’d like to have a vacation home in a popular area with plenty to do, consider parts of Florida. Everglades National Park is a million and a half acres of interesting nature and rare and endangered species. If you love the beach, you’ll have plenty of options in Florida. Clearwater Beach, Naples, and Key West are just a few of the best spots to visit in Florida. You’ll have plenty of time to relax, chat with the locals, and enjoy a drink while vacationing near a Florida beach. Once you’ve rested, you can check out one of Florida’s theme parks or many museums. You’ll never be bored in the Sunshine State.

Skip the home and buy an RV

Maybe all these places sound appealing to you. You’d like to visit the beaches of Florida and the mountains of Virginia. You may not want to limit yourself to one location by purchasing a vacation home. Instead, buy yourself an RV (recreational vehicle). With an RV, you can travel wherever you’d like. No need to fly from place to place, carrying your luggage with you. Explore the country in your roomy and comfortable RV. Make sure you research the RV extended warranty cost so you can cover the repair costs of your vehicle. When you’re traveling around the United States and putting a lot of miles on your RV, you want to know that you won’t break down somewhere without help.

Whether you opt for a vacation home or an RV (or both!), the important thing is that you’re taking some time for yourself. Get away from home and spend some time relaxing. You’ll thank yourself.


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