Your Guide for Traveling Out West in Style

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Have you ever felt that itch to get out and explore? You want to try out something new or go on a long vacation to see all the things the United States has to offer. Road trips have become more popular options for families looking to travel together or for young people exploring more about the world and themselves. Whatever you’re the reason, you may be looking forward to traveling out west to see the stunning mountain ranges and gorgeous National Parks throughout that part of the country.

If you’re going to do a great American road trip, you need to do it in style. Whether you’re staying on a campground or a remodeled van, how can you embrace the energy of the west? From your planning to your packing, there are ways you can feel more like a local and really get the most out of your western road trip. Make some great memories and enjoy the time with your loved ones or as a solo journey! Here are a few tips for you to travel the west in style.

Plan your itinerary.

While some people have the energy and ability to hop in a car and just drive, it can be incredibly helpful to plan out at least some of your itinerary. This is especially true if you want to check out some areas that may not be open all the time or if you want to reserve space in a campground. The west is full of beautiful nature scenery and amazing landmarks. Check out Olympic National Park in Washington for views of the Pacific Ocean and luscious woods full of wildlife, but that means that campground reservations fill up quickly. Along the way, you may be able to go on hikes through Hurricane Ridge or other Olympic wilderness areas. The Pacific Northwest is full of beautiful scenery and a vast wilderness. On the way, you can also stop through some of the desert landscapes in Arizona of the wide-open skies of Wyoming. Having a general idea of where you’re going will help you plan stays at campsites and book hotels in advance if necessary. This will help you see all the things you want to see without missing anything.

Leave room for some spontaneity and flexibility.

Planning is obviously very important, but it also becomes dangerous when you commit to an incredibly rigorous schedule. On a cross-country road trip, there needs to be some room for spontaneity. If you see a fun pitstop off the highway, you want to be able to check it out. Some of the best memories you’ll make are going on those unexpected excursions. Check out that glacier, stop to see the world’s largest ball of twine, try a new food at the fruit stand at a random intersection. These little moments allow you to truly experience new things. So while a plan is important, be sure to plan for some flexibility as well.

Pack a fabulous wardrobe.

If you’re trying to travel in style, then your wardrobe is a contributing factor to your trip. Pack for style and for comfort. After all, for a lot of the trip, you’ll be sitting in a car driving. Rely on items by top designers that combine style and comfort. Plenty of women’s designer clothing works for all kinds of behavior. Pack blouses, skirts, and dresses that will look great for the pictures, but will also be nice to lounge around in. Remember, the west is full of campsites, wilderness, and mountains. Bring hiking gear as well. As cute as your designer clothes and high heels may be, you don’t want to be climbing a mountain in them. Look at your itinerary and plan to pack accordingly.

Ride in style.

Your clothes aren’t the only thing that can be stylish on your trip. The ride you choose will play a big part. Depending on how many people are traveling with you will help you choose a vehicle. If you’re alone, maybe you want to do a motorcycle trip out west. Just be aware of motorcycle safety, factors in motorcycle fatalities, and the fact that you’ll have to pack lighter. You also need to make sure you have a motorcycle helmet, even if you’re riding through the wilderness of the Olympic Mountains. If you have a larger crew with you, you may need a passenger car or van for your trip.

Riding in style means a lot of things. To you, style may mean getting a really cool van or renting a high-quality RV for the trip. Be sure safety is still a top priority as well. Before you get going, have your vehicle checked for any maintenance needs. The last thing you want is to get on your way and have the car or motorcycle break down. You’ll also want to be sure your gas tank is full and you’re never too far from a gas station. Bring all your paperwork and consider investing in roadside assistance. Riding in style is great aesthetically, just make sure you’re being safe as well.


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