3 Ways To Get Ahead in the College Admissions Process

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Getting into college is the dream of countless high school students. Making the transition into the life of a college student is a mountain of responsibility, but it comes along with great times that you’ll never forget. While college promises the time of your life, the college admission process isn’t a cakewalk. College applicants must compete for coveted spots in their favorite universities on a yearly basis, and not everyone will get into their top choices.

But, tipping the scales in your favor is entirely achievable for those looking to make their way into a great university in the coming fall term. With these three great approaches to the college admission process, boosting the success rates of your applications and getting into your top choices can be made a bit easier.

1. Start early, and know your targets.


College applicants do best when they start the preparations for their college applications early. This means planning in your freshman and sophomore years in order to set yourself up for success in the remaining time you have. Applications are often completed at the end of junior year or in the early months of your senior fall term. By this time, if you haven’t already been plotting a course for your future, many of the doors will have already closed, and waiting another year to apply may be your best or only option.

The best college counseling and college coaches out there know the power of time, and so should you. Consultants are a great resource for those who don’t yet know what they want to study or what field they think they want to eventually work in. College admissions consultants are experts in keeping you ahead of the pack, even if your path hasn’t yet revealed itself. In these instances, college applicants are best served by a broad-strokes approach that allows them to remain flexible to new opportunities and even a college major change or two along the way.

Understanding GPA targets, SAT and ACT requirements, and other necessary information about each school you are interested in is the best way to start in your early high school years and grow your application portfolio into a package that college admissions officers simply can’t ignore.

2. Add in new skills.


New skills are crucial in the job market and in preparing for college itself. With resources like Belatone, students are finding great joy in the process of learning a new language that will cater to their career aspirations, travel bug, and college admissions package. Language learning is more than a simple resume builder: the ability to communicate and think in a second language shows those who are appraising your merits that you are a critical thinker who works through problems based on multiple angles of attack.

One-dimensional problem solvers may be great at what they do, but their skill sets are narrow and don’t make for that diverse and interesting campus life that colleges strive for in their selection of new admissions each year. A new skill is a great addition to any resume for this reason, and it can provide a unique new perspective that enriches your life as well as your success rate among applications in the admissions process.

3. Take on leadership roles in the activities you already participate in.


Rather than joining a smattering of new clubs and teams, growing within the activities that you already enjoy is a big boost to your chances of earning a place in your top school. During the admissions process, colleges see a great variety of students who have joined a number of new teams and clubs in their final months before the application deadline.

These are transparent, yet growing into leadership roles in the things that you already enjoy provides a backdrop that really shows your character. It doesn’t matter what activities you participate in, but an evident passion for the things you enjoy provides a richer application than many other approaches.

Take on these options today in order to boost your chances during application time!


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