How to Make Your Cannabis Brick-and-Mortar Store the Best it Can Be

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With more public places and businesses reopening to foot traffic, it’s time for people to return to shopping and hanging out in their favorite spots as usual. If you own a brick-and-mortar cannabusiness, now is the time to begin preparing for an influx of customers. With the right strategy, you can turn that influx of customers into your new normal.

Indeed, the cannabis industry is competitive and becoming more competitive every day. The spread of the legalization of cannabis use across the United States is fostering ideal conditions for cannabusiness startups. That means the biggest challenge facing your cannabis company is finding ways to stand out from the competition. Continue reading to get some tips for transforming your brick-and-mortar cannabis enterprise into a success.

Sell your own line of products.


It’s one thing to have a business where you sell name-brand, mainstream products. However, you can significantly increase your revenue and brand recognition by selling your own line of products.

Cool Jars provides solutions that enable small business owners to label and package their own products like pros. You can make everything from cannabis jars with custom lids to labels for pre-roll tubes with the CoolJarz labeling machine. They even sell equipment to help you make your own vape cartridges and pens.

Expand your operations.


The typical dispensary experience is much like the typical boutique shopping experience. Someone will guide you through the shopping experience if you’re new, and once you become a regular, the sales reps have your purchase waiting on you when you make it to the counter.

However, depending on your state laws, you might be able to enhance the customer experience by turning your dispensary into a lounge. By creating the right ambiance and providing cannabis users with a safe place to enjoy a nice smoke—as well as some high-priced infused treats for the munchies—your cannabusiness can become one of the hottest nightlife venues in town.

Schedule regular maintenance of your systems.


Turning your dispensary into a cannabis lounge is a good idea, but it won’t work if your lounge feels more like a steam room. Proper ventilation will be essential to providing comfort for your patrons, so you should hire a contractor to perform regular maintenance on your HVAC systems.

If you have an old air conditioner or ductwork leftover from the previous owners of your building, it’s a good idea to upgrade your entire AC system. You should have a pro put refrigerant in your AC unit before every summer as well as inspect your AC system. It’s also important to schedule maintenance on your system before the winter to ensure your furnace is ready to handle the oncoming chill.

Hire people who know more than you about… everything.


One of the most important skills for entrepreneurs to have is the ability to recognize the limitations of their abilities and hire people smarter and more skilled than themselves. Don’t let your ego prevent you from hiring someone who knows more about building a successful brand than you. As long as you’re footing the bill, you’re the boss of your company, so don’t be afraid to rely on others with more know-how and talent.

As more and more states legalize recreational cannabis use, you can expect the cannabis industry to continue to grow larger and more competitive. However, with the cannabusiness still being in its early phases, your company has a chance to become a stalwart in the industry.

Hiring the right people, expanding your business, and properly maintaining your facilities are all great ways to make your cannabusiness stand out from the competition. Your love for cannabis may have gotten you into the business, but you might as well make a lot of money while you’re in it.


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