5 Ways to Ensure Your First Date Goes Smoothly

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Going on dates can be nerve-wracking, especially if it is the first date with someone new. If you have just re-entered the dating scene or always feel nervous meeting new people, going on dates can be difficult experiences that turn your stomach into knots. If you have bad nerves, they can be apparent to your date by the way you act or even the way you look, which may put them at unease. That is why it is always imperative to keep a few things in mind when you are meeting someone new.

By thinking through your strategy for having a great first date before you actually arrive at the meeting point, you can ensure that your date goes smoothly and you will not be stressed when the time comes to turn on the charm. If you are interested in learning five ways to have a wonderful first date, keep reading.

Present Your Best Self

On the first date, your physical presentation can be very important. You want the person you are meeting to be excited to spend the rest of the day or evening with you. Part of inciting that excitement is presenting yourself in an attractive and sincere way. Do not try to do too much in terms of your presentation, because that could give someone the wrong idea about who you are as a person. However, you should dress and present in the form of your highest self, because that will give you the most confidence as you navigate the date. 

Perhaps you could even invest in something to spruce up your natural features a bit more, like hitting the gym a little harder to tone your arm muscles or purchasing a pair of flirty strip lashes from Lashes Direct. Investing in the little details of your appearance sends a message to your date that you are excited to be there and have put in some effort.

Pump Up Your Playlist

Many will agree that having a lot of confidence is the key to nailing any first date or first impression. Turning up the volume and jamming to your favorite pump-up playlist can instill the perfect mindset for a great first date. 

Getting yourself in the right headspace and convincing your psyche that you are awesome is a great way to make yourself seem magnetic to your date.

Choose A Location That Inspires Conversation

A huge tip for making your first date smooth is to choose a location or activity that inspires rich conversation. Grabbing coffee with a stranger can be daunting, but if you do it in a coffee shop that is near and dear to your heart, you will feel comfortable and relaxed and will have plenty to talk about. Seeing a movie or musical can be a great way to get the conversation rolling afterward, too. 

Consider grabbing tickets to The Book of Mormon or another musical in town for laughs, fun, and a great conversation about the production after the curtain closes. Your date will be impressed at your taste but will also feel lighthearted and fun after laughing through the musical.

Be Honest And Open

As you are navigating the conversation with your date, make sure you are open and honest about what you want and who you are. This can cut down on the number of uncomfortable conversations you may have down the road if your relationship continues. 

Going into a date with something you are passionate about in mind can be a great way to show who you truly are and to keep the chemistry alive.

If It Went Well, Follow Up 

Many are afraid to call or text after a date, even if it goes well. You should not be afraid to follow up after your date to ask for a second one. If you feel there is a connection there, do not wait on the other person to initiate, go for it! You may regret it if you do not. 


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