6 Tips for Getting Your Groove Back

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Try as we might, we can’t be at 100% all the time, and all too often, those periods of feeling less-than-perfect last a while. Maybe you haven’t been getting enough sleep and your day-to-day performance is suffering between yawns. Work might be bringing extra stress into your life, leaving you with little to no time for yourself and the things you love. You might just be feeling rather “meh,” with or without a tangible reason. What matters is that you aren’t feeling your best.

If you find yourself in a mojo-less mood, you can get your groove back. If you know what it is that’s got you down, you can try to fix the root issue. But, if you don’t have a firm reason for feeling sub-par, you don’t need to suffer in enigmatic misery. By taking advantage of some of the best ways to feel better, you can feel more like you—or even feel better than you did before.

Relax and unwind.


If you’re feeling unmotivated, overworked, and overly tired, especially in the context of your career, you could be suffering from burnout. You might feel physically or emotionally exhausted, or like none of the efforts you put in are worthwhile. You’re likely feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list or other responsibilities and expectations. Fortunately, burnout can be dealt with. It might seem counterintuitive when you’re being buried by tasks, but taking a short break is one of the best ways to tackle burnout or related conditions and reignite that spark in you. Take some time for yourself and partake in your favorite self-care practices or your go-to hobbies. Make time for breaks throughout the day (and don’t skip it, even when you’re busy). Even simply taking a few deep breaths between tasks can make a difference.

Sometimes, you’ll try to take breaks but keep struggling to de-stress. In that case, CBD products can help you feel calmer and cool down an over-active mind. Pure CBD gummies can be a particularly appealing CBD option—a gummy packed with fruit flavors is by far the most fun way to get your ideal CBD dosage. Consider it like a gummy bear with a CBD twist! If a CBD gummy doesn’t strike your fancy, try an alternative CBD product, like tinctures, lotions, or a standard CBD oil. Take a dose of your favorite CBD variety, fill the tub with your favorite bath products, light a candle, and play your happiest songs or most relaxing white noise. Breathe in, breathe, out, and relax.

Minimize unnecessary stressors.


If you’re taking regular breaks and doing what you can to unwind yet are still struggling, a larger issue may fall in the causes of your stress. You can’t always escape what’s causing you to feel anxious, especially if you work in a high-octane job or are overwhelmed by tasks at home. Whether you like it or not, you have to have an income and you can’t stop caring for your family. But, in many cases, you can minimize some of the stress in your life.

On a small scale, look to see what stressful tasks—or even sub-tasks—you can delegate to trusted friends, coworkers, or family members. Consider what steps you can take to make a certain stressful moment of your day less so, whether that’s a CBD gummy before bed or fixing the burnt-out bulb in your coat closet. In more extreme cases, you can take more drastic measures to minimize your stress, like seeking out a new job or leaving an unhealthy relationship. Ultimately, you know yourself and your situation best, so only you can decide what stressors are best left out of your life. After all, we only get so long on Earth—life’s too short to spend the whole time stressed out.

Dress your best.


If you’re wearing sweatpants with a messy bun every day, you won’t feel your best. Spend some time looking inward (or at least toward a mirror) and figure out what clothing makes you feel the most confident and ready to tackle anything. Whether that’s heels, red lipstick, or a lucky blouse, the right outfit—or, better yet, a closet full of great clothes—can be the motivator you need to feel more like the best version of yourself.

Of course, dressing your best doesn’t mean you need to give up comfort. Petite maxi dresses, for example, let even the smallest woman dress in a way that’s both stylish and comfortable. Not a dress fan? Try a jumpsuit for a similar effect. A great pattern or flattering color can let you go from lounging on the sofa to jumping on to a Zoom call, then moving from date night to the couch once more; without changing your outfit, and still, be suited to all of the above.

Look to the future.


If the present doesn’t bring you joy, know that things can always get better. Spend some time envisioning the life of your dreams. What would your job be? How would you spend your time, and with whom? Who would you yourself become? Feel free to think up your biggest, wildest dreams—don’t put limits on your ideal life.

From there, consider the most realistic part of that vision. Could you apply for that dream job or take up that new hobby? Commit yourself to take your first steps, however small, towards a happier life. With a goal that brings you joy, you’ll inevitably find yourself motivated as you progress towards that goal. If you’re looking for better sleep or quality of life, the benefits of CBD can help you via a gummy or other CBD product. If you’re aspiring to a new job, dress the part until the opportunity presents itself. Even the smallest step will bring you closer to the future you’re dreaming of.

Come up with a “why.”


If you’re working towards a particular goal but aren’t feeling as motivated as you’d like, recommitting yourself to the reasons you’re putting in that effort can make all the difference. If you don’t enjoy your job but aren’t in a stable enough position to leave it, remind yourself of why you go to the office each day—you want to keep a roof over your head, put clothes on your kids’ backs, or simply buy yourself the things you want. Long since given up on your workout plan? Think back to when you started and why, whether that’s to become stronger, grow more confident, or improve your health.

Once you have a reason in mind, you might find yourself feeling better already. If not, create a tangible reminder for yourself as to that motivation. Put a post-it note on your bathroom mirror or change your phone’s wallpaper to a collage of photos that symbolize your dreams and goals.

Consider professional help.


If you’re doing what you can to feel better but are still struggling, professional help for your mental or physical health might be the key to getting your groove back. Conditions like anxiety, depression, or PTSD can increase not just your stress levels and other emotions, but physical problems, like insomnia and other sleep-related issues, chronic pain, and more. If you’re dealing with a physical medical condition, like asthma, bronchitis, or another pulmonary issue, you might find your mental health suffers, too. The brain is part of the body, so it’s no surprise the two are intertwined.

Search for the best therapist in your area to tackle any mental health issues you’re facing, or research the best lung and sleep doctors in Bridgewater, NJ to conquer your sleep apnea or other conditions. Be sure to mention any home remedies you’ve tried, like CBD or melatonin, to avoid any negative side effects and continue reaping the health benefits of your conventional and holistic treatment options.

From a CBD gummy to help relax or ease a sleep disorder to a maxi dress that will have you feeling your best, getting your groove back can consist of taking simple steps. A more serious medical condition will benefit from a sleep specialist or other medical professional, while you might just find that a good night’s sleep or a few breaks built into your day’s routine is the fix you need. Sometimes, leaving the most stressful parts of your life in the past will let you be more motivated to reach your best future. Whatever the case, keep going—the best just might be yet to come.


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