Why It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams

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We were all born into this world with heads full of wild, golden dreams, and hearts hungry for adventures. Sometimes, we get lost along the way and fall into the routines that society has conditioned us to think we need to follow, as though the routine were a religion itself. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The moment you recommit yourself to following your dreams, you instantly regain hold of that youthful energy, that passion that propelled you along in life, in the first place. It’s never too late to start back up by following your dreams. You don’t need to continue working away at a job that feels like it’s slowly draining your soul, as your dreams fall further and further out of reach. You can pivot, start anew, and take that first step down a path that’ll bring you closer to realizing your dreams today. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you chase the visions in your head!

Your attitude is crucial.

You need to have your mental game on lock before you participate in the life-changing undertaking that can be chasing your dreams. To chase your dreams with a negative mindset that’s constantly bogged down by hypercritical self-talk is to set yourself up for ultimate failure. You need to establish a clear picture of why it is you want to chase your particular dream and use that picture to quell the anxious musings of your mind. Maybe write down your own personal mission statement to bring with you as you journey toward those dreams. The journey will have its own kinds of obstacles, but it’s best if you consider those to be their own kinds of spiritual tests that are testing you to see just how bad you want it. You’ll probably need the reminder more than once for why you set out on the path you did, so you might as well write it down and keep it somewhere safe!

Face your fears head-on.

The moment you commit yourself to chase your dreams, you also open your mind’s floodgates to a tidal wave of doubts that thrive on trying to convince you that traversing the unknown is too treacherous a path for you to take. Well, that’s just not true. A force buried deep within you drove you to the point where you decided enough was enough with your current life situation and took your leap of faith. Face each of those doubts and fears as they pop up, deconstruct them, and through that deconstruction process, you’ll learn that they’re just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

Meditation can be a profound practice to help in this deconstruction process as well. Set aside anywhere from five to ten minutes out of your day to sit, follow the breath, and see your thoughts as they flow in and out of consciousness. You’ll be surprised at how much power is taken away from these anxiety-inducing thoughts when you simply provide the space and channel your awareness toward seeing what they’re really made of. Meditation’s just one of those practices that keep you centered above all else, and centered is what you’ll need to be as you brave forward toward chasing those dreams.

You can shift careers regardless of your age.

Maybe life has you set up with a decent enough job out in the real world. Maybe you made it to a place where you’re running your own jewelry outlet. Maybe you’re the manager of a renowned restaurant. The point is that your gig pays the bills, and you’re fortunate enough to not live paycheck-to-paycheck, but you still have that wild dream from since you were a kid. Maybe you always thought you’d go to law school and ace the bar exam, or become a female entrepreneur and become a business tycoon. If you’re still thinking about becoming a lawyer, it’s not too late to get a law degree and land your dream career at a huge law firm. Hey, you could even Strat your own law firm or law office, and be both a successful entrepreneur and an amazing lawyer.

In fact, you’d be shocked at how much flexibility is still provided to you or anyone else that wants to shift gears and dive into the full-time world of being a lawyer. In fact, you can still end up becoming a lawyer at 30. Of course, the road toward earning your credentials and actually locking down that legal profession will be filled with its own exams. No law student would ever tell you that something like the state bar is a nice stroll down easy street. You’ll have to have your game face on in law school. Your purpose will have to be clear. But what waits for you on the other side, besides a wildly impressive legal education, and a chance to have a fruitful career in something like corporate law, is a wealth of self-confidence knowing that you tackled that challenge head-on.

You can still start your own business.

This technologically-infused era affords you countless helpful resources for starting up with your own business and entrepreneurship journey. You can quickly find online multiple ideas for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Maybe you have some friends that have always ranted and raved about your insane cooking or baking talents. Maybe they’ve joked to you about how you absolutely must start your own bakery or bistro. Well, why not call their bluffs? If there’s one enlightening truth that this time of the Coronavirus has taught us all, it’s that life is too short to put your dreams and business ideas on the sideline. If you’re lucky enough to have been born with a gift, it’s wonderful to get to share it with the rest of the world. With effective avenues like social media that offer crazy amounts of brand exposure right off the bat, you can evolve a small business into a big and successful business in a remarkably quick period of time. Plus, starting your own business is a great way to relight that passionate fire in your soul’s core.

You can avoid confronting haunting regrets.

You might’ve met someone in your personal life, or read one of many stories about the folks that led seemingly luxurious lives on the surface, but were nothing but boiling pots of misery underneath. It’s dangerously easy to grow too comfortable with what you know, and stop trying to push the boundaries of where you could go.

You don’t want to find yourself one day in the future, regretting that you never made that leap out to New York to take the job with the big firm that offered you the unreal salary, but was just too far away from home for you to commit to. There are a lot of things in this life that can give us fear, and test our resolve. Perhaps one of the most meaningful lessons that that fear and those nerves can teach you is that it’s about diving headlong into what’s making you uncomfortable. Otherwise, you risk the terrible scenario of waking up one day when you’ve grown old and tired only to regret the adventures you shied away from.

Others in your life will support you.

You’re not alone in your quest for ultimate self-fulfillment. The law of attraction has it so that you’ll find yourself regularly crossing paths with other determined dreamers. The universe works in mysterious ways that we’ll never fully understand. You could be somewhere along in your journey toward chasing your dream, but a bit out of your luck, when suddenly you’re face-to-face with the very role model that you never knew you needed. A role model or mentor who could ultimately help provide you the guidance you so sorely needed. Just remember that you’ll attract the energy you put back out, so make sure it’s positive and dedicated toward manifesting your desired destiny.


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