6 Tips to Feel Confident After Pregnancy

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Having a baby is both one of the most incredible and one of the most challenging experiences that a person can have, and it’s only natural to feel different afterward. Given how difficult pregnancy is both physically and emotionally and how long those changes can last, it’s easy to struggle with your mental health and your confidence in the aftermath of your pregnancy. When you find yourself falling into negative thought patterns or not feeling like yourself, it might be time to make some changes to your routine and try to get back to a better place. If you’re not sure where to start, let’s go over six tips for getting your confidence back after pregnancy.

1. Take care of your skin.


If you’re looking for advice on how to get rid of stretch marks, there are plenty of all-natural ways to reduce the visibility and appearance of stretch marks. While there are medical treatments you can try, they’re often pricey and occasionally painful. Products like citric acid, Vitamin A, and even egg whites can all be used to help with stretch marks, scarring, and stretched out skin.

2. Hydrate and stay healthy.


Feeling good is an important part of feeling confident, and having a baby puts a ton of stress on your body. It’s more essential than ever to take care of your body post-pregnancy. Moms who breastfeed especially need to drink plenty of liquids, but staying hydrated is a good practice for anyone, especially someone recovering from a physically stressful experience.

3. Ask for help.


Remember that you don’t have to do everything on your own. If you have a partner, don’t be afraid to say you need help around the house. A close friend or family member may also be able to provide a break for you so you don’t run yourself ragged in the first few months after you’ve given birth. It may feel like you need to be superwoman, but the reality is that being a parent is incredibly difficult and it’s better for both you and your baby if you take care of your needs too.

4. Invest in a comfortable wardrobe.


Any outfit starts with lingerie, so take time to find bras and underwear that fit your body and make you feel good. Some women who have gained weight in their chest might want to look into minimizing bra, which can help you look and feel more like yourself. Focus on products with soft fabrics and with easy to remove tags to maximize comfort. Once you’ve taken care of underwear, think about buying some practical and easy-to-wear outfits you can put on without thinking too much about them. Stick to products that are easy to clean too, having a baby can get messy.

5. Set realistic goals.


Making a to-do list and checking things off is a great way to get things done and make yourself feel productive, but be realistic in the expectations you set for yourself. It’s easy to look at social media or at celebrities and convince yourself that everyone is back in perfect shape within weeks and managing everything perfectly. But it’s useless and unhealthy to compare yourself to others. Every journey and every pregnancy is different and all you can do is make a realistic plan with the resources available to you.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself.


Growing a human in your body took 9 months, you can’t expect everything about your physical and emotional self to go back to “normal” right away. “Normal” might look different now anyway, and that’s okay. Take your time getting back to your fitness routine or losing weight. Don’t stay up late trying to get every chore done on your own. It’s okay to move forward at your own pace.

There’s no way around the simple fact that pregnancy is one of the most strenuous things a human being can experience, and that means that recovering afterward can be time-consuming and occasionally dispiriting. It’s easier than ever now with social media to compare yourself to your friends or to famous people who have more money and hired help to assist them, but every pregnancy is unique and that means every post-pregnancy experience is too. Be patient with yourself, don’t be afraid to lean on others, and invest in products that make you feel good from a health & wellness perspective, in addition to making you feel good about yourself, and you’ll be feeling more confident sooner than you expect.


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