6 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

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Sex is an important and vital part of a healthy lifestyle and relationship. Sexual intercourse and intimacy can be used to create a unique bond with your partner or spouse, for romance, and for fun. Millions of dollars are poured into sex toys, porn, and sexy lingerie to help spice up this special time. Being adventurous and going outside your comfort zone can be exhilarating and liberating, especially if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

Whether you’ve been together with your partner for 10 years or 10 days, there’s always room for extra fun in the bedroom. Here are 6 ways to improve your sex life and leave you wanting more.

Lip Service


Dirty talk during sex can help open you up and express to your partner exactly what you want. Saying what you really want might feel like a bashful barrier, but describing what you want helps get you what you’re looking for and can be extremely hot. Keeping your voice low and sultry can be sexy for both men and women during intimate time. It may even provide a playfully arousing cover if you’re shy around certain naughty vocab. Some things sound better whispered closely in your lover’s ear, encouraging you both to get in the mood.

Hand Jive

Verbal communication is important to maintain a healthy connection; however, talking with your hands can be equally fun during foreplay. Feeling the teasing sensation of your partner’s fingers dance over your sensitive skin can be the best way to ignite passion. It may also set you up for an uncommon but fantastic occurrence; the female ejaculation. Professional sex expert and coach Caitlin V Neal describes how to make women squirt on her website’s blog. You can sign up for free information on her website to receive tips to achieve the elusive squirting orgasm.

Three’s Company

Act out the ultimate porn-star fantasy of romping around with an extra lover in the bedroom. You can feel confident in keeping your relationship safe by purchasing a professionally made sex toy that can bring a uniquely personal touch to the bedroom. Invite one (or a few!) of the very realistic silicone girls from california-dolls.com. These AI robotic dolls feel and look life-like thanks to the high quality, FDA-approved material, skin tone, and pleasurable, anatomically correct orifices. You and your partner can take turns posing your doll to increase the chances of finding the G-spot and more.

Get Your Game On


Maybe you’ve always had a thing for someone in uniform. Or your favorite dragon-riding princess is the woman of your sexual fantasies. Role-playing can be a wonderful and expressive way to be erotically creative and find new ways to get hot for each other. Get those nerve endings twitching with desire when sliding on some smooth, latex lingerie or barely-there open-cup pieces under your evening wear. Remember to set up some special words to create a safe space in case things get a little out of control. Having fun is the name of the game but feeling complete trust can allow you all to let your inhibitions go, giving you a better and liberating experience.

The Temptations

Doing less may be more; reliving those first few months of pure passionate bliss years into a relationship can be a great way to reconnect. Commonly known as “the chase,” the feelings of being desired and wanted can uplift your self-esteem and desire. Performing fewer physical acts and concentrating on lusting might be just what the doctor ordered. Look for old letters, videos, or write down memories and leave them around for your significant other to find. Have fun finding provocative emojis to (privately) text your partner at work letting them know you’re thinking of them. The build-up of time and scandalous thoughts may mean a better night ahead.

Make It Fast on the Down Low


While enjoying yourself during sex for hours might be what you want, having a quickie can be just as fantastic. Grabbing your spouse and finding a private corner in the house (or your vehicle’s backseat) can get your blood pumping. Stroking each other’s thighs and finding the right spot under the table at a dinner party can be exhilarating. A few secret and salacious moments feel mischievous and gloriously wicked. A fast and heavy make-out session where you could get caught adds to the thrill. Just be cautious not to fully embrace your birthday suits in a public arena.


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