5 Reasons to Visit Piedmont With Your Pooch

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If you and your furry best friend are cruising through California and end up in the Piedmont area, you might want to make a stop so you can enjoy everything the area has to offer. Piedmont is only a short trip away from the Pacific Ocean, which means you can escape some of the noise of the larger cities in the area, slow down, and relax. Here’s a list of five reasons you should visit Piedmont with your pooch.

You can take a short trip to the beach

Although Piedmont isn’t right on the beach, it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump from the ocean. You and your furry friend can go and check out Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach. With only a twenty-minute drive from the heart of Piedmont, why wouldn’t you?

Your pup isn’t allowed on the sand, but there are lawn areas and pathways that you’re sure to have fun exploring together. When you’re not with your dog, you’ll want to get some quality time on this beach while you’re in the area. If you’re looking to get your perfect beach body, consider checking out a weight loss clinic in Piedmont.

Think of your time in Piedmont as a retreat. A weight loss clinic isn’t just a “get slim quick scheme.” A clinic can help you lose stubborn weight and keep it off for years to come by helping you change habits that aren’t constructive. With a team of professionals by your side, you’ll be able to meet and surpass your goals, helping you live a healthier life for you and your fur child.

If you’re wondering where to go in Piedmont to help you on your weight loss journey, consider checking out JumpstartMD. You can find them at Piedmont 1337 Grand Avenue, Piedmont, CA 94610, which is conveniently located close to Highways 580, 24, and 13. The methods these professionals use, like metabolic syndrome management, are “medically supervised and based on extensive clinical research.” For more information, give JumstartMD a call at (510) 300-6462.

Have an outdoor day with your furry friend

Nestled in Piedmont is Piedmont Park. The Piedmont Park Loop is almost a mile of trail that you and your pup will love to explore. With a waterfall nestled in this area, you’ll both be impressed by the view. Like all regular parks, it’s important to keep your dog on a leash here, especially since it’s a moderately trafficked trail.

If your pup gets excited seeing other people or dogs and pulls on their leash, it might be a good time to find a walking system that works better. The best dog harness for pulling is made by Joyride Harness. Their harnesses are easy to put on, sturdy, and veterinarian approved. Joyride harnesses are widely considered not only the best for dogs that pull, but also the best dog harness on the market. This is because they fit dogs of every size and are made specifically with your pup’s safety in mind. With an assortment of colors to pick from, your pup will be the epitome of California fashion.

Venture into San Francisco together

Piedmont is very close to San Francisco. You can take a bay cruise with your pup on one of the area’s famous boat tours. You’ll get to share amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the piers, and even Alcatraz with your dog. This hour-long tour will give you plenty of opportunities to snap some incredible pictures of your pooch.

You can eat out on a patio with your pooch

Grand Lake Kitchen near Piedmont has outdoor seating where you and your dog can enjoy a meal. They serve brunch, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they even have a full bar. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, check out their savory French toast. Your day is sure to be great after breakfast at Grand Lake Kitchen.

Schedule a photoshoot

One of the best pet photographers in the San Francisco Bay area is located right next to Piedmont. They can take stunning pictures that capture your dog’s quirky personality on-location or in the studio. Who doesn’t want great pictures of their pets to show off to co-workers and friends? The professionals will be able to coax the best, most personal pictures of your four-legged friend.


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