Tips for Buying an Eco-Friendly Vehicle

People are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment and consciously taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. This trend in environmental awareness is apparent in the rise of eco-friendly car purchases. Cars are one of the worst sources of air pollution but depending on where you live, a car may be essential to getting around. If you are thinking about making the switch to an eco-friendly car, explore the tips below to get an idea of what to consider before buying a new car.

What is an eco-friendly car?

An environmentally-friendly car, or more commonly known as an “eco-friendly car,” relies on alternative fuels or energy sources to run and releases fewer carbon compounds into the air than a traditional car. Eco-friendly cars are more fuel-efficient and require fewer trips to the gas station. These cars do come with a higher MSRP, but the long-term calculations are worth the initial investment.

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Types of Eco-Friendly Cars

There are three main types of eco-friendly cars to consider if you are looking to make a green change.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have two engines, one powered by fuel and one powered by electricity. They alternate between energy sources depending on the situation and emit less CO2 emissions than petrol or diesel-powered cars. Hybrids save on fuel costs since they run on partial electricity, and they also have self-charging batteries. These cars are ideal for city driving, but keep in mind that they aren’t as powerful as traditional cars, and they can come with high maintenance costs.


Electric Cars

Electric cars run entirely on electricity, so they don’t emit any CO2 into the air when driven. While electric cars have low running costs thanks to not needing fuel, they do have a limited driving range depending on the model. Some models can charge up to 80% within a half-hour, but keep in mind that finding a public charging station might be difficult. These cars are expensive to invest in, but there may be government grants you can take advantage of to help reduce the cost.


Biodiesel Cars

Biodiesel cars rely on a clean-burning vegetable oil and animal-based diesel that is lead-free and has trace amounts of sulfur. Biodiesel is a man-made fuel source that is easy to produce and is a safer alternative for the environment than regular diesel.

Diesel cars can easily switch to biodiesel without needing any major internal modifications. Biodiesel can be manufactured from crop waste and other byproducts as it is a renewable energy source. Biodiesel produces 10 percent less power than regular fuel and can be more costly to purchase as it’s not as easy to find at petrol stations.

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At the end of the day, buying a new car is a big financial commitment and you want to make the right choice that fits your driving needs and financial means.



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