Style Advice for Shorter Women: Here’s How to Get Ready for That Date Sans Nerves

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Picture it: you finally have a date with that person you’ve had your eye on for ages—maybe it’s Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome from accounting or that beautiful bartender at your favorite club—and you’re thrilled. That is, you’re thrilled until you realize you have no clue what to wear to flatter your tiny frame.

With a few style tips at your disposal, even the most vertically-challenged fashionista-to-be can be prepared for every date night instance of an empty closet syndrome.

Dress for the occasion


If you know you’ll be stopping by the liquor store to pick up your beverage of choice for the night’s festivities, you might not want to wear the same thing there that you would for the date itself. A night at the opera demands a different look than dinner and a movie. Know what your plans are for the evening and dress accordingly. Even if your date insists on a surprise, be sure to ask for some broad guidelines to plot your outfit.

Be strategic about pairing pieces


Consider taking advantage of the Golden Ratio with your style choices: your top making up 1/2 of your look and bottoms 2/3 (or vice versa). Try a cropped shirt—not necessarily a full-fledged crop top if you’re uncomfortable, but a cropped style— with a more high-waisted pant to balance out your body.

Shop somewhere short girl-friendly


For a more grown-up version of outfits, you might find in the junior’s section of your go-to store, seek out brands and shops with specific petite sections, like Chicos. These items will be made with the intent to make sure us short girls can find clothes that look great and fit well, without sacrificing style or splurging on a tailor to adjust every shirt, dress, or pant we find.

Pick up some go-to pieces


Some styles work particularly well for short girl’s time and again. A wrap dress will keep you from being “swallowed up” in a loose T-shirt dress. Skinny jeans will help define and elongate your legs—pick them up in the petite pants section of your favorite store, like Chico’s, for an even better fit. A solid color jumpsuit can help you make a statement without being too loud. Look up what trends and staples will best suit your height and overall body shape (alongside some trial and error to see what you like), and you’ll always have something great to pull out of your closet!

Show some skin


Sure, it’s a sexy touch, but showing some skin can also make a big difference in terms of proportions and making sure you have the best look possible. Opt for ankle boots over knee-length, mini skirts over midi, short tops over tunics, and hemlines that hit above the knee rather than a long dress. Choose pieces that fit well and suit your body type—and, of course, make sure you’re comfortable with whatever you’ve picked. Remember: the better you feel in the outfit you wear, the more comfortable you’ll be out on the town.

Seek out inspiration


When in doubt, you can always turn to the experts to spark your outfit ideas. Scroll through #shortgirlstyle on Instagram or do a quick Pinterest search for ideas. Find a lifestyle or fashion blogger of your size and read through some of their posts for looks you can emulate for your date night. Start planning early enough and you can even use that petite-friendly store’s models for inspiration—see how they make an outfit from a piece you’re looking to buy online and do something similar with your date night style.

Whether you’re sharing a glass of white wine with a homemade dinner and Hulu’s newest release or you’re headed out for a night on the town, the right outfit will start your date off on the right foot (literally—shoes are a key part of any look!) and have you feeling confident and ready to make a great impression for your partner-to-be.


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