How Can I Help My Child With Their Language Development?

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It’s one of the most exciting moments of a new parent’s life: when the baby says their first word. From there, it’s the continuation of a journey to discover a language. It’s important to remember that this is a job not just for mom and dad, but for all family members to be a part of. While there may be some hurdles along the way, there is plenty that you can do to help a child develop their speech and understanding at a steady pace.

Keep Talking and Reading


The best thing a parent can do to encourage a child’s speech development is to keep the communication coming. It’s a good idea to narrate the day for your child, describing each activity so that they begin to build some strength in their verbiage by associating the word with the action. When words are used correctly, be sure to offer some positive reinforcement to assure your child that they are using those words correctly. Reading together daily and even creating your own stories together is also a healthy way for a child to pick up common words.

You can also rely on some help from the pros. Online speech therapy services like Verboso treat a wide variety of communication impairments, from problems with articulation to challenges with thinking of the words you want to say. This form of counseling can help correct certain speech and behavior disorders before they develop into a larger issue down the line. This struggle can also lead to a discovery of an underlying neurological condition that is impacting speech early on.

Mental Health


It’s important to keep a light and playful atmosphere to help children learn to read and talk. In some cases, a child’s behavior may be impacting their ability to sit down and garner this knowledge. That’s where child therapy specialists may be able to help zone in on any negative emotions that are inhibiting the learning process. It’s possible that underlying conditions like ADHD are preventing a child’s ability to absorb the English dictionary. This can help to eliminate hurdles that you as a parent weren’t aware of, helping to garner new skills.

It’s possible that mental health issues and other behavior problems may linger throughout the household, which is where family therapy may be a reliable intervention. A family therapist could home in on a traumatic experience that is burdening the household. Therapy sessions can also be set up specifically for children or adolescents to get a better understanding of what may be causing some resistance in their development and understanding of the English language.

Mix It Up


Beyond speech therapy and child counseling, it’s also a good idea to break from the mundane in learning a language and change up your routine. Young children enjoy music and movement, so a singalong together can encourage them to pick up some words. They learn the world around them while picking up on rhythm in speech. This doesn’t have to be restricted to just children’s songs. You can add your own music to the routine to create a positive connection between the music and the learning process.

Field trips can also be a part of a sort of play therapy in helping to learn a more comprehensive vocabulary. By pointing out what different items are called in a museum setting or at the beach, your child is better able to grasp what lies beyond the four walls of their house. Zoos and aquariums are also great ideas to bring a child to stimulate your attention and make them more excited about picking up some words.


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