How to Prepare for Full-Time RV Living: Tips & Checklist

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If you dream about giving up your busy life for a simple existence, RV living might be right for you. However, this is not a decision to take lightly. Living in an RV full-time requires financial planning and sacrifice. Here are some tips for determining whether RV dwelling is the right lifestyle for you—and how to prepare when you decide to take the leap.

Is RV Living Right For You?

Before you sell your possessions and take the wheel on your adventure, you want to make sure that RV life is the right choice for you. Here are some of the most important factors to consider while weighing your options.

Consider The Timing

As with most life decisions, timing is everything when moving into an RV. You want to make sure that your current lifestyle and phase of life allow you to live on the road. For example, if you have kids or pets, you might be better off waiting to make the transition. It could be tricky to take your children out of school and allow them to do activities without a permanent residence. Other factors to consider are your job, health needs, and financial situation. However, if you have few ties to your permanent home, now could be the right time to make the leap.

Know The Sacrifices

Packing up and leaving your stationary home comes with several significant sacrifices. Your social life is one of the main factors to think about. It can be more challenging to keep up with friends and hobbies while living on the road. Some full-time RVers may also miss comforts like traditional showers, backyards, full kitchens, and large furniture. However, you will also meet interesting people and have enriching experiences while on the road. It’s all about tradeoffs.

Take a Practice Run

It’s wise to try out the RV life before making a full-time commitment. This will give you a taste for the lifestyle, and you can decide whether it appeals to you. Plan out several weeks or more to live in your existing RV or rental. Be sure to live in your RV for more than just a week, since a short amount of time will just feel like a vacation. Some people may want to take several practice runs before making a decision. The key is to avoid rushing. Get used to life on the road and decide what you want out of the mobile lifestyle.

How Can You Prepare For RV Living?

If you decide that RV living is indeed right for you, you’ll want to plan the transition far in advance. Set a date and make a plan for departure. There is a lot that goes into this preparation, but here are some of the main tasks to check off your list.

Find The Right RV

Before you sell your home or end a lease, you’ll want to find the perfect RV for your new life. Attend RV auctions to find a rig that fits your needs. It might be wise to purchase a used RV if you’ve never lived or camped in one before, and an auction will offer vehicles at affordable prices. More experienced RVers might decide to upgrade their current rig for a newer model. Just be sure to do some research before, determining what features are must-haves.

Downsize Your Life

RVs are tiny compared to full-sized homes, so it’s important to simplify your life before moving. Make a list of essential items that you must keep. Basic clothing, cooking supplies, and personal care items might fit into this category. However, you might end up donating items like decorations, and other knick-knacks. Remember that it’s better to start simple and have to buy items than to feel overwhelmed with clutter in your RV. If this lifestyle is temporary for you, ask friends to hold onto some possessions or put belongings in storage.

Finance Your Adventure

While living in an RV will cut down on some expenses, like rent and a car payment, you will still need to fund your new life upfront. This includes buying the RV, initial maintenance, insurance, supplies, gas, and highway tolls. You might look into applying for loans to lessen the financial burden. Private money lenders are a popular option for anyone financing a new lifestyle. Companies like Bay Mountain Capital can also help if you decide to transition back to permanent living and buy a home. You can find their office at 3710 Rawlins St #1390 Dallas, TX 75219 or call (214) 953-3188 for more information.

Full-time RV living is a significant decision. But by making the leap, you are freeing yourself of traditional responsibilities and opening yourself up to the adventure. Whether your RV is your forever home or a temporary dwelling, you are sure to collect meaningful memories along your journey.


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