Why Your Business Should Invest in Clean Air

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If you’re a small business owner, two of your top everyday priorities are the health of your staff, as well as running your company in the most energy and cost-efficient way. Well, believe it or not, both concerns have something in common: your business’s energy use and overall utility costs. One of the best ways for entrepreneurs to keep their team working in the safest and healthiest atmosphere, while also leaving a smaller carbon footprint as a business entity, is to keep energy use and office air quality on their radar. Here, we will look at a few specific examples of why your business should invest in clean air, and some smaller tips regarding how you can freshen the air quality around you.

The Health Benefits of Air Quality


Every business owner wants to ensure the health and wellness of their staff, seeking new ways to boost both morale and productivity to benefit the full team. When you invest in the air quality of your office, you not only help your team feel better physically but provide them insights into your care and concern regarding their well-being. There are even some very easy ways to make smaller investments in your air quality with the tools already at your disposal.

Taking this concept another step further, considering an investment in an office air purifier is one of the best ways for any successful business to make the air cleaner for the good of every team member. While many people are already familiar with humidifiers and dehumidifiers, two items that have great effects in helping with asthma, allergies and other causes of shortness of breath, a new product utilizing advanced technology is an ozone purifier.

An ozone purifier is a state-of-the-art machine, and its unique design changes the chemical composition of the air around you on a molecular level, producing small levels of ozone gas that masks unpleasant odors. In effect, an ozone purifier uses an electrical charge to convert regular oxygen into better smelling gas, ionize-concentrated air through the ozone gas, ultimately functioning as an oxygen concentrator. In addition to your staff, even potential customers who visit your business location will instantly notice the pleasant, breathable ambient air quality and overall fresher atmosphere.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Air Quality


As a business owner, brainstorming ways on how to grow a new business can often lead to budgetary concerns. However, responsible growth strategies should always take into account the tools already at an entrepreneur’s disposal. For example, swapping out the filters of your office’s ambient air systems not only helps remove mold and allergens from the air but also helps those machines run smoother and more efficiently. This one simple practice helps the health of your staff by removing minuscule contaminants from the air, also saving money on your energy costs. In the United States, many business owners forget that their energy efficiency directly affects air quality and health concerns and that a great way to improve both begins with an air system’s filters. In addition, if you’re open to making a sound investment by making your office’s air cleaner, another good idea for your next step may be to upgrade the air system itself for cleaner technology.

Newer air conditioning units and heat systems have, as their target audience, any person looking to boost air quality and energy efficiency. Recent technological advances reflect those concerns. Current customers of heat pumps, for example, claim that the two-way dual design of the unit saves money on every monthly bill. Market analysis confirms that a heat pump also can help make your air cleaner due to its functionality as a natural supplier of oxygen from outdoors. If you’re unfamiliar with a heat pump design, imagine a single machine that uses the air from outside your building, warming it during the winter and heating it during the winter months and, finally, transporting it indoors as comfortable, breathable air. Coupled with an air purifier or ozone purifier, this new technology can be a great investment. While many startup companies may not own their own building, if real estate dictates that you can swap out the air system of your building, a heat pump may be a great way to go.

When it comes to business growth, keeping your staff happy and healthy can be a great catalyst for more rapid growth, as well as company longevity. In a new market geared towards environmentally-safe energy efficiency, as well as a health-conscious target audience that is no longer a niche demographic, improving your office’s air quality is a sound investment.


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